in company training

Build personal resilience, reduce stress!

Work, in the public sector as well as the private sector, seems to become more and more like top sports. Which is a fantastic challenge, but as an employee you need the right mental and emotional endurance. The HeartMath® training: ‘Build personal resilience, reduce stress!’ is specially developed for employees and teams that want to keep being the best version of themselves, even if they work under tough circumstances (e.g.: constant changes within the organization, increasing rules and regulations and high workload). This training is also appropriate for teams who have struggles in areas such as communication and collaboration.

  • 3 times 3 hours a day within a timeframe of 2 months
  • Location: anywhere in mutual agreement
  • One Inner Balance™ Trainer (valued at € 219,-) per employee
  • HeartMath® Workbook ‘Building Personal Resilience’
  • Validated before- and after measuring by Soffos survey agency

Total cost: €3999,- excluding VAT
(per group of 10 persons max.)  

Managing energy systems

This training aims towards better stress management and building up resilience. As a participant you will get insight in the consequences of stress and what you can do to avoid these. With the help of the Inner Balance™ Trainer, an app with a Bluetooth sensor for smartphones or tablets, you can see what emotions do to the rhythm of your heart. Through this app you will become aware of certain patterns of behavior and emotion that lead to loss of energy. The heart specialist helps you by teaching you techniques that will give you a better grip on your emotional reactions.

Working on resilience

The core of this training is that you build up your resilience as soon as you get more energy. With the help of the supplied HeartMath® techniques and by practicing with the Inner Balance™ Trainer you will learn to find these leakages of energy and how to close them, how to load up on energy and how to store energy.

The full extent of the HeartMath® training

The training consists of 3 dayparts of each 3 hours. At the start of the program each participant will receive a well-organized and structuralized workbook. In the first 2 sessions, The heart specialist will give clarity to the participants on where they lose a lot of energy and how this affects for example mood and behavior. During the last session there will be a lot of attention given towards an effective communication and collaboration, and a plan of action will be constructed. This plan of action makes sure that the taught information will be preserved well for participants to use in their daily lives from there on out. After the full program participants will get to keep their Inner Balance™ Trainer, so they can continue doing their daily exercises.

What is the result?

At the end of the program:

  • participants will have a clear view on the effects of stress on their behavior;
  • participants will have an increased performance level because of increased emotion management;
  • participants will have more energy and vitality;
  • participants will have more mental and emotional flexibility;
  • concentration and focus levels of participants will have risen;
  • participants will have become better listeners;
  • participants will be capable to communicate coherently;
  • participants will be more empathetic;
  • participants are capable to get the best out of themselves, whenever they want to;
  • participants can regulate their own emotions better, which improves the quality of the communication with their colleagues.