when you discover the power of your heart a world will open up for you and others around you

The heart specialist is there for you!

Do you want to control your own emotions? Do you want to perform on a higher level at work as well as at home? Do you want to be in better contact with yourself and others around you? The heart specialist will throw his full heart and soul into teaching you:

How to increase your level of focus
How to feel more connected with your heart with the help of bio feedback
How to experience less anxiety and negative thoughts
How to prepare for challenging and stressful situations
To be in better contact with your spirit and body
To be more resilient emotionally, physically and mentally

Beyond the limits of imagination

It is all about relating. About the way you relate to… everything. Relating to things in the outer world, like your partner, your colleague, a deadline, heavy workload, your child, an unexpected event etcetera. But it is equally important to relate in an appropriate way to everything in your inner world, like your thoughts, painful areas in your body and your emotions. When you are capable to relate in a mature and responsible way to all things that presents themselves, a new reality will unfold for you and others around you and you will experience more resilience and more energy then ever before.

The heart specialist will help you discover the power of your heart and will hand out the key by which you will be able to open your heart.

Control your emotions

Do you experience emotions getting the best of you? That feeling when a tidal wave of emotions just overflows you? Can you think back to situations in which stress was a leading factor of choice for a decision you regretted later?

Improve your resilience

The heart specialist helps you to become more resilient. This resilience is going to help you manage stressful situations. Experience has taught us that you are going to have more energy and you will be better capable of making the right decisions, especially in stressful situations.

Working on heart coherence

Take charge of your own emotions and behavior. Millions of people from around the world have preceded you. They now use Heartmath® techniques on a daily basis. The heart specialist helps your heart beat coherently.

“An open heart is an open mind”

– Dalai Lama XIV